A Weekend of Zoom

After a busy week of planning an preparation we helped host a meeting this Saturday morning with people from 4 continents sharing stories and material. We have put up some notes of how we did some of this in the form of a checklist of societies.

Things always change and the transition from the traditional formal philatelic world into the online world can be jarring. Hopefully with the resources we are putting up here everyone can understand some new skills, find time to practice them, and then have the confidence to present anywhere in the virtual world.

We work on the basis that with more people and more presentations you have more opportunities to make more mistakes bigger and better than the last time.

This time we have a few users with specific problems and we are working hard to incorporate those issues into future planning so that they are taken care of before the meeting starts. Tomorrow’s challenge it to host a meeting with PowerPoint slides from an old iPad – there is just so many steps in there that can go wrong – but it’s all a learning experience.