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Coordinating Everything …

Meetings can be planned to the nth degree and then things will naturally slip. The reason why we have a plan is so that we can aim to get back to the plan when we start to overrun. It is important to be realistic about times and how long it takes to do things remotely. …

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Joining Zoom without Technology

We have now had a number of meetings where people have been unable to attend or participate fully due to either being unable to get the correct equipment or having a device fail at the mast minute. I am writing this to explain how you can still participate with the minimal hardware. Zoom assumes that …

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A Weekend of Zoom

After a busy week of planning an preparation we helped host a meeting this Saturday morning with people from 4 continents sharing stories and material. We have put up some notes of how we did some of this in the form of a checklist of societies. Things always change and the transition from the traditional …

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Zoom Meetings

How to use Zoom to present Philatelic Material.

Start a Blog they said …

After 20 years we look back on where we came from: How the world has changed … This all started as a project which then grew and stalled. Now in a different century we are taking off the dust sheets and clearing out the cobwebs.