Online Event Planning

Like any event there is a level of planning required to ensure everything meets the attendees expectations. We are currently putting together a blueprint of the key stages and details that might be required along with the questions to consider.

Sometimes small is beautiful – all you need is a few people at an agreed hour to meet and chat. It is however always going over the ground rules. Are you having a formal discussion on a topic, or just a discussion over politics and what might have been.

With a few more people then you will need to give plenty of notice and plan for numbers. We suggest the following:

  1. Plan a draft program and get an agenda agreed
  2. Send out a notice of interest for those who wish to attend to confirm.
  3. Now you have numbers you can chose the tools to use.
  4. Prepare a detailed running order for the event
  5. Run a rehearsal of the meeting.
  6. Finalise the agenda and timings
  7. Send out the Tickets
  8. Run the event!!