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Online Event Planning

Like any event there is a level of planning required to ensure everything meets the attendees expectations. We are currently putting together a blueprint of the key stages and details that might be required along with the questions to consider.

Sometimes small is beautiful – all you need is a few people at an agreed hour to meet and chat. It is however always going over the ground rules. Are you having a formal discussion on a topic, or just a discussion over politics and what might have been.

With a few more people then you will need to give plenty of notice and plan for numbers. We suggest the following:

  1. Plan a draft program and get an agenda agreed
  2. Send out a notice of interest for those who wish to attend to confirm.
  3. Now you have numbers you can chose the tools to use.
  4. Prepare a detailed running order for the event
  5. Run a rehearsal of the meeting.
  6. Finalise the agenda and timings
  7. Send out the Tickets
  8. Run the event!!

Draft Agenda

Just like any event it is important to have good idea of who is going to do what. If you are used to a formal in-person meeting then moving to online can seem quite a challenge. While you do not have to think about booking a room or providing catering there are other things to …

Inform Your Audience

Depending on your audience you will have a standard way of contacting them. Usually someone in the organisation will have a central email list, but it could also be that individuals manage smaller groups and are fairly autonomous when organising events. This information should all be gathered together to plan you event to be as …

Choosing The Tools

We have talked a lot about Zoom, but that is not the only option. If you are only needing space for a few people then Skype might do the job. It might be that someone in the organising group has access to a tool from work that they can use. All that matters about the …

The Running Order

Now you have your agenda, speakers lined up, audience getting excited it is time to produce a detailed running order. This is split into the following phases: Before the event The technical host needs a copy of all material – that way if anything goes wrong a speaker can present from a phone line while …

Online Rehearsal

So you have your speakers ready, your audience waiting for tickets and your agenda set, now you need the rehearsal. This can be one of the most critical parts of the event. Ideally it should be a week before the event, but if people are familiar with the technology it can be just a few …

Finalise the Running Order

After the rehearsal you can now finalise the running order. If you are using something like OneNote or Word then you can prepare a master list for lots of events and then customise it as necessary. It is often useful to have additional notes which you can put in for speakers to remind them what …

Sending Out The Tickets

In Zoom the meeting gets generated and scheduled with a few clicks. You can change lots of the options later and also modify the invite. If you only have a small number of people to invite then sending emails directly works really well, but you always need to be careful with sharing email addresses. If …

Running the Event

With all your hard work you should now have an agenda, speakers, a running order, presentations and a list of attendees. On the day of the event you should have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is turn up, start the meeting and follow the instructions on the running order. It is …