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Finalise the Running Order

After the rehearsal you can now finalise the running order. If you are using something like OneNote or Word then you can prepare a master list for lots of events and then customise it as necessary. It is often useful to have additional notes which you can put in for speakers to remind them what to do on the day.

9:30Open Meeting
Check Hosts
Check Guests
Start Recording
Rename Guests
Maximise your screenAll
Wait for all to join
Check Guests
Check sound for speakers
Check presentations
Gallery ModeMC
10:00Meeting Starts
Chat for Questions
Start Waiting Room
Mute ALL
Unmute Speakers
Check numbers and chatAll
10:05First Speaker
Acrobat so Fit Height
Single Page / Full Screen
Watch for Questions
copy offscreen and sort
Introduced by MC
Un-Share Slidesco-host
11:00Second Speaker co-hosts
12:00Closing RemarksMC
12:05End of MeetingStop Recording
Sample Running Order

As you can see this sets up a rhythm for the event so everyone knows what they are doing. There can be a lot more detail, but if you can manage a single page then that makes things easy.