Web Hosting

Since the early days of the internet we have been creating web pages and content. And from the beginning the question of hosting and management has been critical. Organisations, both commercial and non-commercial need to ensure that their web presence is maintained in a secure manner.

People come and go, especially as organisations grow, expand, change, develop and adapt. Over the decades we have been called in on many occasions to help deal with the consequences of changes in management an the mistakes that happen.

Domain Management

Always separate the web hosting from the DNS. It is often useful to pass the management of the web site to a keen person in an organisation, but that person will eventually change. When this happens it can be a mess to get back into services and provide a smooth handover.

We often setup domain names to automatically renew, and keep the DNS settings updated to point to the web site.

The DNS is vital for any email, if you are using Microsoft Office 365 for a core mailbox. It also allows you to use services like Eventbrite or Mailchimp without being designated as spam.

Web Hosting

If your website is fairly basic then WordPress is a great platform. When we host WordPress sites for societies we can give them the appropriate level of power on their server to give them great value.

Shared hosting keeps the costs down and gives you plenty of space to experiment and store content. With monitoring you can decide what features you might need in the future. Often we add an SSL certificate to allow for secure transactions for small amounts of payments like subscriptions.

Dedicated hosting with your own server can be very cost-effective as you grow and the costs can often be offset with some simple sponsorship adverts. With consistent fixed pricing you can generate your own secure certificates or integrate a shopping platform of your choice.

Additional Services

With all levels of hosting we provide a dedicated portal page for you to manage your services yourself. We are also happy to provide support directly and are often called on to reset login passwords, and sometimes regain access to a WordPress site after a plugin fails. Because we have access to the back-end we can often get you back up and running in minutes rather than days.

We often find that the actual cost of our hosting is a fraction of what societies have been paying for a decade. We can also advise on migration from Drupal, Joomla and other platforms – if you are on an old platform it can be easier to start from scratch, and we can coach you through it.

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