Zoom Meetings

In this time of lock-down lots of us are finding other ways to keep in touch. Zoom has become a popular tool and we have a few hints and tips here to allow people to get the most out of their meetings.

Lots of these comments come from the many meetings we have been in, hosted and managed over the last few months.

  1. Mute is your friend – Always mute unless you have a point to make, If it is a quick point then HOLD DOWN the SPACE BAR while you speak and then you can let go and go back to your cup of tea after your comment.
  2. Be organised – practice joining early to ensure your login details are correct. You might even meet someone you know in the meeting room.
  3. Be respectful – remember that there is a focus for the meeting, allow others to speak.
  4. Use the CHAT – send messages to the Host who can then direct you yo put them to the group. This helps the meeting flow.
  5. If your question is not answered then someone will follow it up.

We will be adding more hints over the next few days.

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